Sunday, February 14, 2010

Will You Be My Valentine?

Georgia had lots of Valentines this year! While her Mimi was here she didn't go to school but she got to go to her class party on Friday. She also got to wear her new T-Shirt that Bella Boo got for her and she LOVED it! We had a busy fun day and that night her Daddy and I actually got to slip away and go to a play. Of course, we didn't pass up the chance for some photo ops beforehand! Miss priss capitalized all her Mimi's time and she loved every minute of having her all to herself while we were gone for the evening. Also, noteworthy, when we saw her Aunt Nat on Wednesday she taught her how to say HAPPY VALEN-TINES DAY (valentines sounds like two words when shes says it) and she eagerly shared her new salutation with anyone who would listen over the weekend. This time last year my little pickle bottom walked for the first time! Mom and Chris were here and she took her first REAL steps. WOW! What a difference a year makes!


Jessica said...

Goooorgeous pictures, Amanda!