Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two Year Wellness Check

Weight- 23.9 lbs (10th percentile)
Height-33 inches (if the old wives tale is true this means you will be 66 inches tall or 5'6 when you're all grown up)
Head-18.5 inches

The doctor asked me if I thought she could say 40 words or so. I wanted to laugh in his face...there isn't a word in the English language this child cannot say. Its like one day someone turned on her little brain and she started talking...she hasn't shut up since :-). She told her teacher at gymnastics last night that she (Georgia) had mad skills. I laughed so hard I almost cried. AMAZING.

The sweetest thing my two year old does is sing. She LOVES to sing: Twinkle Twinkle, Bah Bah Black sheep, The Moon Song, Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves The Little Children, Rain Rain Go Away, Tomorrow(Annie)

The sweetest thing my sweet girl says is..."I missed you Mommy". She tells me this every time we have been apart for at least 90 seconds...this does not exclude walking into another room :-)

Her favorite foods are mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets, pizza with ranch, Cheetos's, almonds and gummy bears. This was one of my concerns for the doctor bc she wont really eat anything else and he assured me this is completely normal and its ok if she doesn't eat much. I swear she doesn't eat enough to keep a bird alive!!!

She also has been waking a couple times a night and crying out in her sleep but she isn't actually awake, the doctor also talked to me about this and said it was due to night terrors, which surprising he said almost ALL two to three year olds experience this. Weird.

Also, we decided to try her off of her Prevacid and see if she could handle it since she turned two. Well, as Ive mentioned I'm kind of behind so her appointment was actually two weeks ago. We have since gone back on the Prevacid. Her little body isn't ready yet and she was still having a lot of reflux. Poor little pickle bottom! Speaking of late, we didn't even have her check up until she was 25 months old bc of the timing of flu season and her bday. I wanted to keep her out of the germy doctors office as long as possible! She hasn't been sick in sooooo long. WHAT A BLESSING!!!


Natalie said...

You forgot to list Cheese Dip ;)

Amanda said...

I DID FORGET!!! HOLY COW!!! And thats probably her most favorite thing!