Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Bunny

All bundled up and no place to go...We have cabin fever here and it has only been a day and a half that we have been homebound. Jonathon keeping good on his promise built our sweet girl a snowman and she could not have been more delighted. These 30 minutes we played outside have been the best 30 minutes all weekend! Building a snowman proved to be much harder than one might have anticipated...I just watched but it certainly looked complicated enough. Luckily, it was worth every freezing minute Jonathon spent out in the cold bc she LOVED LOVED LOVED it or him...or whatever :-). She is napping now and Im pretty sure it is going to be a long one, I think the snow wore her out! Hope everyone around these parts got to play in the snow with your loved ones and at least got a snow angel out of the deal. My little snow bunny sure does like this white stuff! XOXO