Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nightgowns Are Awesome

Georgia got this nightgown for Christmas from her Aunt Natalie and I swear I have to pry it off of her when she wears it just so she can go to school. She also got some Cinderella pj's and Snow White pj's that are pants and a top...well, needless to say the last time Jonathon had "take to school" duty he didn't want her to cry so he let her wear her pajama top to school!!! I was mortified. I'm sure that wont be the last time she wears pajamas in public or something that makes me cringe :-) Oh the joys of motherhood! Hope everyone has a great day!!!


Natalie said...

Just for the record....I'm not a fan of Disney or any item with a character on it....but i'll give in to a pink princess nightgown just this once ;)