Saturday, January 23, 2010

Got Cheese Dip?

We headed to lunch today to meet Court and Boston at Stobys for some grub. Georgey was enthralled with B and the good news is she only has to wait two more days before we see him again! Were having dinner with all the girls on Monday after work! Having that to look forward to will make the day go by soooooo much faster! Here are some snapshots from our lunch date with little mister Boston.

MMMMM...I think she forgot how much she loved Puffs until she devoured all of Bostons!

"Let me give you a long distance hug"

Shoving cheetos in her mouth while a very patient Aunt Courtney holds her

Georgia laughing at the dude at the next table. Little Ham.

Everybody on three!!!

Bow Holder that Aunt Courtney made for G. What a great present!!!

And....with all her bows on it. TA-DA!!!