Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Daydream Believer And A Homecoming Queen

Amanda Rhea and I took the girls to see a very special young lady named Taylor be crowned Homecoming Queen! After the ceremony we met Tara and Bridgett at Pizza Shack for some much anticipated ham and cheese sandwiches with Italian dressing. I dare say I ate at least five of these a week in high school after ballgames, practice, school or just whatever. We lived at the shack. The wallpaper is still exactly the same and the outside still needs to be painted...but its still home and it still tastes exactly the same. AHHHHHHH the comforts of going home :-). As an added bonus we got to see Kris too! She was passing through to stay with her family so we also made a trip to the Fish Nest to see her and get a hug before hitting the road back home. It was a quick trip but it was good for the soul :-).