Sunday, December 6, 2009

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Sooooo....our first trip to meet the big guy was not as sucessful as one might have hoped. Im pretty sure Georigia just thought he was a creepy old man in a suit. :-) She was so pumped to see him right up until she was the next one in line then all bets were off! Mom finally got her to at least sit next to him (well sort of) and she did give him an enthusiastic high five and told him BYE BYE SANTA CLAUS! She also politely thanked him for her new coloring book. Luckily Chris was able to snap a couple of pictures of this momentous occasion. We had so much fun visiting with the parental units in Atlanta! The Santa experience was a blast from the past for my mom, since I NEVER sat in Santas lap. I was always terrified of him but I sure did love the presents he brought! As soon as we left the "north pole" where Santa resided, Georgia already wanted to go back. Chris had to take her back to see him again...but only from a distance. :-) Thanks Mom and Chris for everything! We had a blast!