Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I See The Moon And The Moon Sees Me

Georgia has really taken to the moon these days. Im not sure why or what has sparked this little mini-obsession but she is ALL about the moon and the stars are an added bonus. EVERY night she wants to get her hat and jacket and go out and see the moon. Its all fun and games right up until the first night its pouring down rain and my sweet girl still wants to see the moon. :-) You can tell from the pics how excited she was to have her picture made with her mama. I am not nearly as cool as Mr. Moon. LOL.


lauren lea photography said...

Georgia Grace is PRECIOUS!! My Caroline is obsessed with the moon too! Everynight we have to find it too and she says "I see the moon and the moon sees MEN, god bless the moon and god bless MEN"
-Lauren (Blaylock) Leonard