Monday, December 21, 2009

God Danced The Day You Were Born

Georgey Poo-Has it been two whole years already? Undoubtedly the BEST two years of my life. The craziest, tiredest, loveliest, most wonderful time of my life. You surprise me on a daily basis with your wittiness and precocious behavior. Just last night, you were lying in bed fighting sleep for all it was worth and you counted to 7. TO 7! I had no idea you knew how to count to 7! I thought we were just at 5! Shows you how much mama knows! You are so smart! I wish I could bottle you up and put you in my pocket. Thank you for being a blessing in both mine and daddys life. Thank you for the sweet way you look at me and say "thank you mama". Thank you for those hugs you run up and give me for no reason at all and puckering up those little lips for kisses. Thank you for being mine all mine. You are perfectly and wonderfully made. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL GIRL! You are the COOLEST two year old I know. Love, Mommy


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Georgia!! Such a cute picture!!