Monday, December 28, 2009

Four Christmases

Are you guys sick of our Christmas pictures yet?! We have LOTS of family and we have LOTS of tradition! One of our traditions is that we always spend Christmas Eve with Jonathon's family and this one was no different. This year however, it was raining cats and dogs! This weeks rain totals pushed us into the wettest week in our states history EVER. We all loaded and unloaded presents in the downpour! Jonathon's sister, Elizabeth cooked dinner and we had our belly's full and hearts content. Georgia hit pay dirt again and came home with a whole car full of new toys. Her nana and Papa Ed spoil her rotten! I swear we have to start thinking about building a new home, we seriously do not have room for all of Georgia's stuff. Either that...or she is going to have to move out...either way something has to shake :-). Its back to work for me this morning but I am really looking forward to the New Year. I hope all of you get the whole week off!