Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Comes But Once A Year

Ive probably blogged this before but I feel the need to blog it again and its my blog so you have to listen (or read or whatever). So here goes... My granny passed away when I was almost 4 months pregnant with G. She was due mid January and Christmas 2007 was to be our first Christmas without Gran. Mom and Chris drove in on the 20th of December for the holidays and then they were to return when I was induced to have G. I had high blood pressure so was going to be induced on the 28th which was about 2.5 weeks early. Well, the next morning, the 21st,I went into labor. We were supposed to have Christmas that day in Amity with the fam...but bc of the little stinkers early arrival we cancelled Christmas! Now I realize it was a blessing she came early bc it was a distraction from not having Granny there and without her it just wouldn't feel quite the same. I cant imagine Christmas without a trip to my Grans house. OK, I am rambling...but point Aunt Greta and Uncle Tony kept Grans house so the last two years we have been lucky enough to have Christmas there which makes me VERY happy. It makes me sooooooo happy that Georgia gets to celebrate there the same way I did for 30 years! We made the trek on Sunday to Amity and got to eat our traditional Christmas dinner and I got to see my wonderful family. I know my Granny was so happy we were all together! Merry Christmas Eve everyone, I hope you got to be just where your soul needed to be. I know I did.