Thursday, November 12, 2009

Long Time...No Blog

So...its been a few days, no? We are swamped around here. This week has been madness and it is not over yet...not by a long shot! My sweet baby girl had her pics made this week and they are nothing short of AMAZING!!! Sommer did them for us and we had sooooo much fun. Thank you Sommer! Sommer is Jonathon's best friends little sister, and in turn like a little sister to Jonathon, so she feels like family :-). The pics are so stinking good I cried. I promise to share them with you little by little, but I am trying to decide what to do for our Christmas card so I dont want to blow it and then all of you have already seen our Christmas picture! Crazy? Yes. Neurotic? Yes. But I care not! LOL. We are so blessed to have so many photog friends and I love having her picture made, so maybe I wont wear any one of them out with my obsessive requests to have her pic made! This is one of my favorite shots of G by herself and I know we wont use it bc she is in pink and I imagine we will do more the traditional red and black scheme for christmas. Hope everyone has a great Friday! Later taters!


Melissa said...

LOVE that picture. Sweet little Georgia!

Burtons Blessings said...

Love that picture! I am running out of room in my house to put B's pictures! Are you having that problem too? Love ya'll!