Sunday, November 1, 2009

Are You A Good Witch Or A Bad Witch?!

What a night and day! I seriously thought my baby had missed Halloween. Literally. I set out yesterday afternoon after our zoo trip to North Little Rock to look at a car. Chris has been helping me for about two weeks trying to do research and "wheeling and dealing" trying to get the best deal...anywho, I thought I would be gone a couple of hours tops. WRONG. At 7:30 we were leaving the dealership. Apparently, one finance guy quit and one guy was having surgery on the day that I decided to buy a car. Go figure. Lets just say it was a less than pleasant experience being at a dealership with an almost two year old and a husband who was so mad we were missing halloween, he was acting like a five year old. I didnt blame him. I was thrilled I was finally getting a new car (the blaze had 220,000 miles on it) but I was screaming on the inside "HURRY IT UP MR. FINANCE MAN!!! CANT YOU SEE I HAVE A BABY THAT IS MISSING HALLOWEEN AND SHE WILL NEVER GET THIS DAY BACK. EVER!!!" Alls well that ends well. We got a great deal on a great car and we made it home in time to have trick or treaters and G got to go trick or treating herself. Thanks Betty and Ed for waiting around us :-). She loved being a witch and it was so awesome seeing her so happy. She loved every minute of her Halloween. :-) And also of note, the Hogs got a win yesterday! Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!!!