Wednesday, October 21, 2009


All bundled up and ready to RACE FOR THE CURE and support her Granny!

Georgey Poo and Bella Boo chillin at the pre-race rally. Doesn't B look cute in her shades?!

The girls giving Ms. Becky some lovin'. Ms Becky's shirt said "I Survived." It was awesome walking with her :-)

Breaking it down...

Bustin' a move...

Shaking her groove we sense a theme here?

All for one and one for Chucks!

Auntie Amy and G

She was over the stroller about 1/2 through the race and wanted to be carried. We all passed her around.

Dancing it up with Aunt Amy

This was the first time Georgia had met Bridgett but she LOVED her. She took to her immediatly and said her name very clearly, it was sweet.

A perk of your best friends husband working for Governor Bebe is a photo op! The governor with a bunch of chics wearing Save The Hooters T-Shirts!

How cool is this pink firetruck?

Me and my little pickle bottom. This was Georgia's 3rd Race For The Cure. Her first was in my belly!

Whew! She was wiped out...she needed to stop and rest on the sidewalk at the bitter end!

Sweet girls holding hands.

"Come On, Bella. This way."

These pics will be priceless. They make my heart smile.

Brunch at Mimi's Cafe after the Race. It was delish.

Aunt Natalie met us for good eats after the race!