Friday, October 23, 2009


Above you see the progression of Georgey blowing kisses. I wish I could slow down her actual progression more and more with each passing day. One evening earlier in the week, she actually let me cradle her in my arms and rock her like a baby. She is still so small it is easy, but it is very seldom she wants to be held like this. When she does, I take advantage of every second. I breathe in the way she smells and her sweet smooth skin and her bouncy curls. It makes me want to burst out in tears at how quickly she has grown. It seems only yesterday that she ALWAYS fell asleep in my arms, now she is a big girl and goes to bed all by herself. I suppose I have been feeling a bit nostalgic for those "baby" days with her. They will forever be precious to me. The here and now is just as important just in a much different way. At present she is figuring out who she is and that is an amazing process to watch. I think she is amazing, independent, precocious,intelligent, beautiful, curious, hilarious. In a word...Wonderful. Gone are the days of one way conversations...she is turning into quite the little conversationalist. And she loves to sing and dance. May she always feel the music in her heart and dance with all her might. I love watching her dance more than anything. By far, it is the thing that brings the most laughs here in our home. And please be sure, she is quite the little entertainer. My little pickle bottom was 22 months old this week. Wow. That knocks the wind right out of me. I am already dreading her first day of kindergarten, her first date, and her first broken heart. There is so much to learn from her and so much to teach her. I so look forward to every second of it.