Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Georgia knows when its time to leave we have to get a "jacket" and this is the one she wanted to wear (i didnt tell her it was really a vest not a jacket). It has been a dreary week here in our town. It has rained either all day or part of the day every day so far. Now, if you have an office job this isnt the end of the world I suppose but when you travel like I do and you are in and out of your car all stinkin' day, to put it mildly, it just plain sucks. My feet get wet and the bottom of pants get wet and then I feel all gross and dirty. YUCK. I try to wear dresses and boots but it has rained so much the last two weeks I dont want to re-wear so I am out of options. I think it would be a very wise investment if I bought some rainboots. Hope everyone else is staying dry out there. We are looking forward to some sunshine on Friday and Saturday just in time for the Race for the Cure. YAY! For now, Ive just got the old rainy day blues.