Wednesday, October 7, 2009

GiGi Hearts Mimi

Mom was here over the weekend and as always it was way too short! Georgia hangs onto her for dear life when she is here and I would say it is welcome break but it makes me kind of sad bc she doesnt want a thing to do with her mama when her Mimi is here. I didnt change one diaper for 3 whole days! Georgia has now made the association between the airport and Mimi bc when we pulled in on Thursday afternoon, she started saying "MIMI, MIMI" immediately. It was so sweet when Mom rounded the corner, she ran to her with arms wide open. It was literally like something out of a movie. She did that last visit too so Im thinking next trip I may need to bring the video camera. I have so many pics to blog I dont know when I will get it all done. I dont know what my deal is lately but I cant seem to keep up. Life is good but busy. :-) Hope everyone has a great week!