Wednesday, October 28, 2009


On Saturday we loaded up to partake in some Boo At The Zoo fun. Little did we know it would be like going to a Rolling Stones Concert only with little kids, no booze and no good music. Just really really long lines. We waited almost an hour to get in then once in, we realized that you don't actually get to see the animals. BUMMER. They give you tickets to get candy. CANDY?! WTH? Candy?! I can get that at Wal-mart! The lines to get one sad little bite sized snickers were ridiculously long as well. Since we werent too interested in stocking up on sugar,we walked around and looked at the light up pumpkins and Halloween decorations and generally just took a little "midnight" stroll through the zoo. We did get to see an elephant bc some brilliant man had brought a mag light and we happened to be in the same place at the same time. Thank you mister, where ever you are! Georgey was beside herself with excitement! They did have rides, but again the lines were so long and you can't ask an almost two year old to wait an hour for a train-ride. She isnt very patient yet. It got cold fairly quickly so her daddy bundled her up and we headed out. I am glad we went but the nighttime festivities are definitely more for older kiddos. Lesson Learned. I think this Saturday (the rain is supposed to go far far far away) Amanda Rhea and I are going to take the girls back during the day to see the animals. I think that will be WAYYYY more fun!


Burtons Blessings said...

me and tara are taking the kiddos then too! its going to be a madhouse!