Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Boo At The Zoo Redo

As promised to one very excited little girl, we did a redo of our busted zoo trip from last weekend. Busted, maybe isnt the right word, but there were no animals so she was sorely disappointed. Truth be told... Jonathon and I were disappointed too! This trip was a raving sucess and the girls had so much fun! Court, Tara, and Tenille were there with their kiddos this time around, so that was an added bonus! Enjoy my crazed picture taking.

Boston and the girls! Ready to hit up the zoo!

These are looks of amazement...or wth?



Checking out the giraffes.

Georgia meets Lauren for the first time :-)

Sweet Baby Boston.

Georgia is watching the Zebras intently...she asked for them all day :-). She only cried when we left the ela-pent though. LOL.

Snacktime. All the babies were such good sharers.

Aunt Court and Georgey

Court, Me, and Georgia. Can we say TIRED? This was the end of our zoo journey.

Everyone sans Tenille. She took the picture. :-( ...And Im not sure how my child ended up being the only one in the picture. I think at this point she only wanted to be carried.

The trip home was a quiet one. They were both out before we left the parking lot!