Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Time Out

So, last week Georgia got a note sent home from school that said she had had trouble obeying. Uh-oh. My mind immediately spins and I think, OH MA GA I have a problem child. The little devil was climbing at school (which they assure me repeatedly is completely normal for this age) and would not listen or obey. Well, this is no surprise to me bc she is rarely in trouble at home except for...ding ding ding....CLIMBING. So, I gave the school permission to put her in what they call "time alone". We, here at the palace, call it simply "time out." Catchy, huh? I made it up all by myself :-) Anyhow, in these pictures she is putting her animals in "time-out" and telling them to "stay". I laughed so hard. This is her "time-out" rug in our entry way. In the last pic she is giving her tiger a kiss. I guess she felt bad...sounds kind of familiar...Oh, and the headband she is sporting is her latest obsession. I am learning she has a new one every other day or so.