Friday, September 11, 2009

Patriots Day

I looked back to see if I posted on September 11th last year and indeed I did, but no mention of the meaning of the date and what happened in NYC 8 years ago today. One day, Georgia will ask me where I was (I remember asking my Mom where she was when Elvis died ha!), so I thought I would share it know... before I get old and senile and can't remember anymore! I lived in the Jennifer Street house with Crabby and Ashley in 2001. Carissa and I were brushing our teeth and getting ready for class when Jonathon called my cell. We were both late for class and I remember being irritated that he had called. He said "Turn on the TV." I immediatly snapped back with "I am late ,I gotta go!" He responds with a very forceful "Just for a minute, just turn it on." and he hung up on me!!! I was mad and stomped in the living room and switched on the TV. I remember standing there stunned into silence. I called my mom and she hadn't heard yet. She was in the basement at their home with Phyllis doing some decorating. I remember going to school and I COULD NOT BELIEVE my professor actually made us take a test. I WAS SO MAD, I COULD NOT WAIT TO GET TO A TELEVISION and watch with the rest of the world the events unfold. I went to work from school at Mary's and we had a little black and white TV in Pams office that we crowded around. I remember the days that followed being filled with CNN and pure fear and terror for most of the United States. Thats the short version of events as I remember them that day. Where were you? I hope we all take a moment today to pause and reflect on those lives that were lost that day. God Bless their families and be with them on this difficult day.