Saturday, September 19, 2009

Little Hog Fan

Georgey was ready for gameday...yesterday. You can tell from the frazzled hair she has been at school all day! Today the Razorbacks take on the Bulldogs and Georgey Poo is ready to call those Hogs! Somewhere in Atlanta my mom better be cheering them on as well! I am going out with the girls tonight to celebrate Amanda Rhea's birthday and Miss Priss is going to spend the night with her Nana and Papa :-). This morning we are just hanging out and enjoying our time together. She has a new favorite show and Im pretty sure we are four episodes in and its only 8:20! Dinosaur Train. I have to admit, its WAYYYYYY better than some of the nonsense she makes me watch. I do think there should be some limit to how much TV a kiddo can watch, but what else are Saturday mornings for?! Pray the rain holds off all day today. I am officially sick of it. (Aunt Alicia-Thanks for the dress! We love it! It's our favorite Razorback gear so far!)