Sunday, September 6, 2009

Game Day....and Night...

Here are some pics from game day. It was a raving success as we were victorious! By the time the actual days festivities were here and the game was ready to start, she was already worn slap dab out. She was ready for bed. LOL. I guess all the anticipation was getting to her. She slept like a baby last night and woke about midnight with a fever. I had just bought groceries on Friday and had bought a brand new bottle of infant Motrin. But alas, in the middle of the night, I couldn't find it! So, after midnight, Jonathon set out to hit up Walgreen's for ANOTHER new bottle of ibuprofen. Not only, were they out of it but they were also out of infant Tylenol! What the heck? How can the drugstore be out of both? Good thing it wasn't an emergency. So...he headed to Wally World. Thanks be to God for the almighty Super Center. By morning, she was just fine and no sign of fever. She is cutting both of her bottom canines and they are a swollen mess so I was sure this was the evil culprit. We got up and went to church this morning with a happy excited baby. She started getting sluggish again a little while ago and Jonathon noticed her lips turning blue. Now, I had noticed it too, but didn't say anything bc I was sure it was my overactive imagination. We then of course took a closer look and she was shivering and had goosebumps. TOTALLY FREAKED ME OUT. I gave her some puffs from her inhaler and we wrapped her up and took her outside. I felt of her and she didnt feel like she had fever. I then went ahead and gave her some ibuprofen just in case. She played outside and her color immediately returned and her goosebumps and chills went away. Those pink lips were the most precious thing I have ever seen. About 45 minutes later I decided to take her temp and it was over 101! So, my hope is this... she had a chill from the fever (which I would have sworn she didnt have)and that just turned her lips blue and that it's nothing more serious. I googled it and immediately wished I hadnt. Moms should definitely consider pushing that enter button unless you want the absolute worst case scenario EVER. Anyways...she is laying in the floor now, rolling around, and talking to herself...or maybe me. One can never really be sure :-) Her lips are pink and her fever is down. I truly hope she is feeling better bc she sure is acting like it. Good grief. The worrying never stops does it? I see a doctors visit in our very near future.