Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fair Queen(s)

She loved the fair just as I knew she would! The smell of corndogs and funnel cakes all mixed in with stinky cows and smelly people! It was wonderful! We didnt make it to the fair last year bc it rained the ENTIRE time so this was her very first trip! Amanda Rhea and I loaded up the girls and away we went. They rode rides, played the little duckie game, and of course pigged out on funnel cake. They were exhausted when we left. The carnies tripped them out a little and one creepy old man scared Bella so badly that he gave her rose bc he felt so bad! HA! I think Jonathon may just have to take her back on Friday! XOXO

Look at these two cutie patooties. They are holding hands!

Georgia and Bella both look like they are in a trance and arent sure where to go next?

Giving her mama some lovin'!

We ran into Jena at the fair and she took a pic of all of us girls. UGH! This weather isn't doing my hair any favors :-)


Stickin' her hands in the germy water :-)

Playing her first fair game!!!

She wasnt to sure about it at first :-)

Riding in the duckies!

What's a trip to the fair without a bunch of loot?!

She and Bella hit it so big with the animals, she could barely see over the top of them! Of course, she wouldn't let me help her....