Monday, September 7, 2009

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Pics from what was supposed to be an "ideal" family Sunday. When your husband works every Sunday it makes it hard to have "normal" weekends. Ours usually wrap up on Saturday evenings ;-(. But... today Jonathon was off work! YAY! We went to church, had a roast cooking in the crock pot and had high expectations for an exciting trip to the zoo! G crashed out though and didnt feel well enough for much else but laying around in her boppy watching Sesame Street. Did you guys know that Maria and Gordon are still on? I can't believe it! I'm pretty sure that they single handed taught me to count to 10 and the alphabet! She did perk up in the afternoon but of course started feeling bad again in the evening. Why is it, that when we're sick, we always feel worse at night? I have never understood that. Oh well, I can add it to my list of all the other things I dont understand. :-) On another note, how stinkin' cute does she look? I love love love this outfit! Here's hoping my little pickle has a much better day today! Happy Labor Day everyone. Hope you don't have to do any labor!


Cassey Corbit said...

hey go look at my blog!!! i love georgia grace so much