Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dinner Date

I LOVE it when my friends come over for a visit. Tonight Nat came up and we had dinner AND chocolate pie. It was sooooo good, especially the pie :-) Georgey Poo was glad to see her Aunt Natalie and it was nice to just sit around, chit-chat and do absolutely nothing. Georgia was quite content to play with both of our phones all evening. Barkley (Natalie's Pomeranian) is the screen saver on her iphone and all G wanted to do was see Barkley. When she says his name it sounds more like Not-Ne. Its hilarious. I promised her a trip to LR next week to see Barkley and hang out at Nat's house. On another note, please say prayers for everyone in the Atlanta area that have been affected by the flood. Mom and Chris are fine and so are their friends, but it was their county that was hit the hardest and has had the biggest death toll so far. Chris went to work this morning and cant get home tonight. :-( I hope the waters are receding as we speak and all looks better for them in the morning. XOXO


Bruce & Wendy said...

Everytime I see her pics I think she cant get any cuter and the next pics prove me wrong!! Wendy