Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Backpack Backpack....

A couple of weeks ago I was standing in Georgia's closet putting away her diaper bag (one of about 15) and it hit me that (hopefully) by the end of the year, we wont be using diaper bags anymore. As it is, we dont really need a big bag when we go out, we just need a small bag for a couple of diapers and a snack. We have been carrying this little backpack with us to run errands, go eat, etc. She still needs her big bag for school and church bc her blanky has to go in it, but those are about the only two places we use a "real" diaper bag anymore. She likes to be a big girl and wear her backpack around the house. Its sweet. It being almost October now, I can't even imagine having a diaper trained baby by December or January. That will be sooooooo weird!!! I CANNOT flipping wait!!!