Friday, August 21, 2009

Preparation is Key

I suppose there isnt much you can do to prepare a 20 month old (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGIA!!!!) for a baby gymnastics class. I believe the only thing you can do is just make sure they have REALLY cute leotards! HA! I wanted to eat all these babies up in their little outfits.

The Usual Suspects.

Line Up Please. Everybody look at the camera!!!

Georgia is practicing her tricks. This is downward dog. She learned this one at baby yoga at CCA.

Yes, yes. This is my child front and center....Why am I not shocked?

Still showing off :-)

How cute is the back of this leotard?!

Talking to her mama, waiting on her friends to come over!

Aunt Amy and Georgey Poo


Amanda said...

Little Angel, you should be so proud to have a momma that loves you so much. As a family we are extremely lucky to have her. I love you picklepotamus. Amanda thank you for taking the time to do this for "our family" and for our family and friends. Your love is extaordinary, I just hope I can come close to matching it, I promise I will always try. Hugs and kisses...Chic