Monday, August 17, 2009

Down Home Southern Goodness

We went home on Sunday to celebrate my Aunt Greta and Uncle Tony's 37th wedding anniversary!!! We had so much fun and ate lots of yummy food. We had brisket, fried potatoes, fried squash, fried okra, camp beans, deviled eggs, homemade biscuits,and homemade chocolate AND lemon cake (which I also had for breakfast this morning). Eat your heart out, Mom, I know youre mouth is watering reading this. Pickle got so dirty we had to give her a bath before we came home! I soooo wish we got to see everyone more often and that there was more time in each day when we visit. Here are some pics from our day in the country!

Georgia Grace was mesmerized by these homegrown tomatoes. Unfortunately, she thought they were apples! She took a big ole bite out of one, and found out quickly they didnt taste quite the same!

Moved on to her second "apple". It took her three tries to figure out it WAS really a tomato. She was not a fan.

Uncle Tony had the tunes playing in his truck. G didnt stray from there when there was a good one on!

Lovin' on her Auntie Val. She made the lemon cake and it was SO G-O-O-D!

Hanging out with Brent or Ent as she liked to call him. She hung on his every word and cried when he left on the ranger to go check the video cameras at the deer stands. She wanted him to come back!

Riding on the mule with Aunt Greta. I think she liked the wind in her hair! HA!

Here she is teaching Mickey and Friends how to drive the Dixie Chopper. She was very excited about it ;-)

Must have been another good tune playing, here she is again back by the truck!

Getting some more loving!

One more for fun! Brent and a gigantic rattler. It would not be a trip without some sort of game....GUH-ROSS!!!


Ethan and Addison said...

I'm so jealous!!!!