Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yellow Submarine

THIS WAS THE PERFECT END TO THE PERFECT DAY! After Georgia woke up from her nap and had dinner,we headed out for a walk about 6 p.m. However, it was so dang hot we changed our minds after we got Georgia all strapped in her stroller and Zane all leashed up and ready to go...Instead we went and bought a baby pool and let Georgia Grace play in the backyard. She loved it (as if you can't tell from the pictures)!. Also, Jonathon replaced all the doorknobs inside today which almost sent me right over the happy edge! Now, my husband is a lot of wonderful things but a handyman he is not. He did an awesome job. Thanks baby! I am truly truly blessed and am so thankful for my little family. My cup runneth over. Now, if only I could put this day in a bottle somewhere....I really really needed it.


Anonymous said...

It's not nice to tease ;) Her plump little vagina just peeking out is still such a turn on