Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Chris plays in the Hot Springs Country Club Golf Tournament every year and it was this past weekend. We went and stayed in the condo with them and TRIED to have nice and relaxing weekend. Georgia wasn't feeling up to her normal peppy self. At first we thought it was the shot she had gotten at her check up bc she had mild fever throughout the weekend. Along with the fever, were nights of pure hell. She didnt sleep at all and would wake up screaming bloody murder. ARGH. Not a happy weekend did this make. There were moments where she felt better and I did get some sweet pics. Turns out she has Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. I HATE THE SOUND OF THAT. It sounds like something a homeless person would have or a really dirty child. On Sunday, when we got home I noticed she was not eating and when she would take a bite, she would scream to high heaven. So, out came the flashlight. Oh, my poor baby, is all I can say. Her mouth was and still is full of blisters and ulcers...I immediately called Emily and Blayne (he is a pediatric dentist) to get a quick remedy for my baby. He asked me if she had spots anywhere else and I said NO! just her mouth, and he asked about Hand, Foot, and Mouth. I hadn't noticed her feet or hands yet, obviously. Later, that evening Betty and Ed came over to see her and Betty (she is a pediatric nurse) confirmed it. There isnt much you can do for this "disease" other than TLC and Tylenol. We mixed up a concoction of mylanta and benadryl for her mouth and it seems to help a lot. If youre wondering where my sweet innocent beautiful child got such a disease...look no further than DAYCARE. Alicia (Chloe goes to same school) got a call today from her teacher that there were 5 confirmed cases of it! 5! Georgia's is unconfirmed so there are no telling how many there really are! It is only in times like these that I wish I were a stay at home mom. I hate germy babies! Pray she is all better soon and we all get some sleep. I need it and so does she!


Burton's Blessings said...

Wish we could have hooked up, but sounds like it was a crazy weekend! I hope G gets better. Dont you just HATE daycare???
Love you!