Wednesday, June 24, 2009


After spending the weekend with my fabulous girlfriends, it has come to my attention that children have become the center of our universe. Gone are the days of no worries and doing nothing. Somehow, a pint sized velvet revolution was waged right under our noses, and us "grown-ups" quietly handed over the reigns. We have made concession after concession, until it appears that well-educated, otherwise intelligent adults have abdicated their rightful place in the world, and the littlest inmates have taken over the asylum. Children change your life sooooo much. We had so much fun and for a moment I felt like my old self, the old me, but then I remembered I'm the new me and the new me is WAAAYYYYY better because she is Georgey's mommy. Lucky me. I couldn't wait to come back home and let her get markers all over me or sneeze on me or whatever other gross bodily function she chooses to share with me. I love this little pint size dicator. She is mine all mine. XOXO


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Amanda said...

Thanks Court! I read the pint sized dicatator part in a book once and thought it was funny so I stole it! But, she soooo is! Love ya!