Monday, May 4, 2009

What Every Mom Needs

With all the time I have been given inside to ponder the meaning of life the last few days, I actually had time to pick up a book that Susan gave me about mothers.(She always gives the best books). Now, Im not usually one to do lists but this one was really good. With Mother's Day rapidly approaching, I thought it was fitting. It is simply titled "What Every Mom Needs". Here goes:

A sanity check.
To know that Im normal.
To know that I am a good mother.
Time with my husband.
Time off.
Time alone.
Time with God.
More Energy.
A break.
A nap.
A housekeeper.
A secretary.
A nanny.
A dishwasher that loads itself and a vacuum that runs by remote control.
A vacation.
Adult conversations.
A best friend.
Someone to understand how I feel.
To know that being a mother is important.

And...I am adding my own to the list:
To know that just because I have to go to work everyday that it doesn't mean I am a terrible mother because my child is in "school/daycare". That she will be just as fulfilled and loved as all those other lucky babies that do get to stay home with their mommies everyday.

Hope everyone has a great week and I hope the rain continues to stay away. I have high hopes of being poolside next weekend!