Tuesday, May 19, 2009


On Friday it was beautiful and sunny here most of the day before the bottom fell out again on Friday night. We took advantage of it and played outside all evening before dinner.We had sunny skies on Sunday and Monday and AS OF NOW, there is no rain in the forecast all week! WOO HOO! I even got to take to G to the park yesterday after school. It is amazing how many rude little kids hang out at the park...She runs up and wants to talk or play and they look at her like she is nuts. I never thought I would want to kick a little kids A** but the thought did cross my mind once or twice yesterday. I guess I should teach her that everyone is not as "enthusiastic" as she is. HA! Anyways, I think we are finally going to get to enjoy some sunshine and I could not be happier. Mom is incoming at the end of the week so I hope the sunshine sticks around!


Melissa said...

Amanda you are killing me with that precious little girl in sunglasses! Everytime I see pictures with her sunglasses on, I just want to squeeze her and be her best friend! Ha!! So freaking cute!

Bruce & Wendy said...

OMG I will come help you kick some a$%# if they are rude to little GG. Have a good week! Aunt Wendy

Tenille Rauls said...

She is growing up so much these last few weeks in pics!! She is so stinkin' cute!! I remember the first time someone bit Lexi and I knew who it was...the thought actually crossed my mind that I wanted to step on them on the way out of daycare!! Who knew I was so vicious!! haha! Hope you have a great week~