Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yellow Is The New Black

Georgia looked so sweet for school this day. She was all sunshine in her little yellow shirt. However, she has not been all sunshine the last two days. I see no outward signs of a new tooth but all the symptoms are there. She acts annoyed when I try to get to her eat. Her stomach seems a little upset. I have caught her, on more occasions than I can count, curled up in the floor with her blanket. Her typically agreeable disposition has turned fussy and inconsolable. She wants to chew on everything and and drool everywhere. I know this is normal but she seems so incredibly frustrated. This is just one of the many times in her life that I will not be able to take away her pain. I can hold her and rock her, but I can't do it for her. And, OH how I want to! I want to fix it and take all her hurt away. Her feeling bad makes me feel awful. Lord, give me the grace for this season and every season that follows. Let me comfort her with the comfort you give to me. May this time pass quickly and the calm of my baby be restored. Everyone, please send prayers she feels better and rests better soon.