Monday, April 20, 2009

The Evil Culprit Strikes Again....

Turns out that it wasn't her teeth. She got really sick on Sunday morning and was throwing up AGAIN. I had just showered and was getting ready for church when she came in the bathroom and layed down in the floor. Next thing I knew, she was sick, sick, sick. We gave her a bath and she got sick again...after that she perked up a little. Also of note, she got to hang out with her nana and poppy ed later in the day and Im fairly certain that lifted her spirits! She was back to her old self today :-) As, you can see the day ended on a much better note than it started....I am not sure how I (the person with the weakest stomach in the whole wide world and a horrible gag reflex to go right along with it) got blessed with the "puker" of the bunch but Im betting God has his reasons. My stomach is not any stronger now than it was 15 months ago...Im patiently waiting for my "lesson".