Friday, February 13, 2009

Very Superstitious...?

I don't really believe in all that Friday the 13th nonsense...I did stub my toe today, then stepped on a picture frame, and mom broke a wineglass. I suppose those things could have happened on any day. But today, on this superstitious holiday.... (also my Uncle Tony's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) Georgia walked! REALLY REALLY WALKED. Not a couple of steps, but like 10 at time, over and over again. It was so awesome. My heart was about to explode I was so proud of her! I think she was also very proud of herself. In all of the excitement I didnt even take a picture of her walking by herself! Jonathon looked like he had lost his best friend as he was watching. He is sad she is growing up, and not quite a little baby anymore. She does still let us hold her like a baby, and I love that! Betty and Ed had said on Wednesday that she had taken four steps while she was there and that she would be walking by the weekend. They were right! She will be running marathons before we know it! Everything she does, she does at Mach 3 with her hair on fire...and I wished and wished for her to walk, and now I may regret it :-)


Ethan and Addison said...

Oh honey, it's all over! Almost every picture frame in our house that, once had glass, is now broken. If it is breakable and you treasure it, put it out of reach :) Her toys are a thing of the past...she will most likely be interested in all of mommy's home decor that has been an out of reach desire UNTIL NOW! I have to admit hearing their little feet run across the floor is PRICELESS.