Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pocket Full Of Sunshine

The return of the surprise face! The pic where she, Jonathon, and Amy are at the table, you can get a little sneak peak of it. I tried and tried to get a pic of her doing it, but each and every time I was 1 second to late and by then it had turned into a smile. :-) I love love love to see her do surprise face, it is hysterical! It went away for a while, and I think its because I was always making her do it. She must have just been over it...but I am super glad it has made its return. Also, this week Georgia had her first boo boo and that darn bruise is still sticking around. She hit her little cheek bone on the tub. :-( That bruise sure isn't slowing her down though! We are so enjoying our happy little baby this weekend and this weather could not be better!