Monday, February 23, 2009

Chicken Soup for the Homesick Soul

Oliver Wendell Holmes said, "Where we love is home,Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts." I love this quote and it has always struck a cord with me. In light of really missing my family, Georgia and I loaded up yesterday when Jonathon went to work and went to visit. It was worth every second of the five hours we spent roundtrip on the road. When I drove passed Gran's house I couldn't help but tear up and wanting to spill out every memory I have and commit them all to Georgia's memory so she knows how wonderful she was, as were the rest of her great-grandparents. It breaks my heart that they will never know her nor she them. Luckily, because I am not the only picture freak in my famliy she will have lots of photos to look at when she gets a little older. Our visits are few and far between but I am blessed that I know they are all just a phone call away. :-) Also, I scored enough chocolate oatmeal cookies to remind of home for at lest the next week or so.


Ethan and Addison said...

I'm jealous! I wish we could have been there. Isn't Brent just great with Georgia!?!?!