Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Tale Of Two Parties

We have been partying like rockstars all weekend and the fun isn't over yet. We have one more party to hit up today. What kind of parties you might ask? Well, definitely not the kind of parties we used to frequent in the "good ole days." There is no wine and adult conversation. There is however "whine" and everyone talking over eachother. It was fun and I swear sometimes I could just laugh out loud at how much our lives have changed. We went to Chloe's party first yesterday then we went to Bella's party in the evening. It is crazy that this time last year they were little newborn babies. I love this new crazy life and I wouldn't change it for anything in the whole world. The down side of all the living it up Georgia has been doing this weekend is that she hasn't been feeling well at all. She is getting 5, yes I said FIVE teeth right now. So, needless to say she is Drooly McDroolerson and Cranky McCrankerson all rolled up into one. I don't blame her as she has ran a low grade fever all weekend and hasn't really even wanted to eat anything. Amanda Rhea and Jer had pizza at their house and that is her ALLTIME favorite and she wouldn't even look at it, she just cried. Poor kid. Today is Jax's party so hope she will be in a little more of a partying mood. You can divulge her mood from all the smiles in her pics yesterday...:-) The last one pretty much sums it all up.


Ethan and Addison said...

She looks beautiful for a lil girl trying to get 5 chompers at one time, YIKES!!! I feel your pain :)

Hardage Family said...

Hey! It's been two days without a post...what's going on with you have a life or something;p? I keeping checking to see what's new with G.G. (Yes, I have my own name for her even though I have never met her in person).