Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So Shoe Me

My one year old has 19 pairs of shoes. Her favorite pair of tennis shoes got pulled out of the picture because she had to help her mama with the picture. I was cleaning out her sock/shoe drawer and could not believe all these shoes!!! I just packed away about 10 or so pair that she had grown out of it! Good grief, this is ridicoulous. I feel pretty sure she gets it honest.


Melissa said...

Oh my! That is hilarious! You better stop now or it will just get 10x worse!! Teehee!

Hardage Family said...

You are a blogging fool!!! I laugh every time I look at your page because you are such a MOMMY!!! Who ever thought our joy in life would be to take and post pictures of our kids just so we can show everyone how stinkin' cute they are? Sigh....time they are a changin'.... I miss you, and Georgia is beautiful!