Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Scorpio and The Sagittarius

I have always been a fan of star signs. Now some people don't put a lot of stock in it...and I suppose rightfully so, but it is something that has always held a certain interest and most importantly "entertainment value" for me. I am pretty easily entertained...I found this on and it caught my attention. It breaks down both your babies and your personality and gives you some insights...even if it is a bunch of bologna, its still fun to read!

Mom-Scorpio-The Scorpion
It's your keen intuition and innate ability to understand what your child needs that makes you a great mama -- not all parents are as sharply perceptive as the Scorpio Mom. Full of depth and concern for your child's ultimate well-being, you are prepared to see her through all of the early challenges that life has to offer -- when she's frustrated while trying to take those first few unsteady steps on her own, you'll know just how to encourage her, and when to stand back a little to let her find her own balance. She'll know beyond a shadow of a doubt how deeply you love her.
One word of caution: Don't allow yourself to get too caught up in baby-world. Make sure to build in plenty of time in your busy schedule to hang with adult friends to discuss the profound meaning of life: Scorpios need room for this kind of deep exploration with grown-ups, and it will give your daily routine the balance it needs.

Baby-Sagittarius-The Archer
Optimistic, outgoing, and content, little Archers are true explorers. Put your baby in a carrier or stroller and she'll happily go wherever you lead. Spend time roaming around the backyard and checking out the neighborhood: She needs lots of exercise for her physical and mental health. Your child will bounce back quickly from little spills and failures. But she also gets bored easily and constantly needs new toys. To hold her attention, read lots of stories about exciting adventures in faraway lands -- and promise that she'll get to visit them someday too.