Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hey Bella, Can I Borrow Your Car?

On New Years Day Amanda Rhea cooked lunch for us, so Jonathon, Georgia, Zane and I went over to hang out for the day. Amanda Rhea made sure we had black eyed peas to eat for our prosperity in the coming year and she also made her awesome fried chicken. The girls had fun and of course Zane was wiped out from playing with Puddin when we left. Georgia and Bella went cruising in the living room in Bella's cool new car until they pooped out as well. Georgia is the hair grabber and Bella is the hitter. When one of them would get in trouble the other would cry. Ahhh....sticking together already!


Courtney said...

They are too cute!
Thanks for the comment, yes we need to get together while the "cat" is away :) Just let me know what is good for you guys. I miss G too!