Saturday, January 3, 2009


She didn't give us three steps, but she sure gave us two! If Jonathon hadn't seen it with his own eyes I swear he would say I was lying. Wendy and I went running around and shopping yesterday afternoon and when we got home we were playing around in the floor with her getting her to walk (with hands held of course) back and forth between us. Jonathon was sitting directly behind me on the couch. After some good steady practice, Wendy let go and she took two whole steps!!! I almost had a heart attack. There were cheers all around for G. She just sat her little hiney right on down after her two big steps and I think she needed a rest! I really think she is super close to actually walking. She can hit a slow trot when she is behind her walker and she takes off anytime you hold her little hands. I think she is just a little afraid to actually let go. Oh, what an accomplishment! Her first steps, I am a proud mama today and I am so glad Jonathon was home to see, that made it even better. You can see her in the picture giving me
five on what a good job she did. :-)