Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One Year Wellness Check Up

Well, yesterday was our one year check up and immunizations. We actually went on December 22nd for our appointment but she was running a fever so we had to postpone until now. It was not fun. She was so sad when they gave her the shots this time. She looked like she was in extreme pain and they even left little marks on her leg where the needles went in. Poor baby! She weighs 16 lbs and 10 ounces, is 27.5 inches long and her head is 17.25 inches in circumference. She had lost a couple of ounces from last time we went to the doc but they said that was completely normal because she is so much more active now. She is in the 3rd percentile but still is following her own little growth curve which is great. Of course the first thing they asked was "Is she walking yet?" Nope. Nada. No dice. She may not be walking but in the last week she has really been enjoying some new foods here at home. She has taken a liking to hot dogs, chicken nuggets, pizza, and mini pancakes. I am so pround she is finally eating real food!!! As of her birthday she is only taking one bottle a day and that is her night night bottle. We have slowly cut back and it has been a pretty easy transition. I just can't take her nighttime one away just yet. She is doing really well and hasnt seemed to miss the ones she used to get throughout the day at all. The last two nights she has acted uninterested in her bottle when I have given it to her and hasn't even finished it. I guess with all of this new food it has somewhat lost its luster.I am not looking forward to the day she has to go without her pacifier. I shudder at the thought. Also, she loves loves whole milk! I think Jonathon is thrilled because big kid that he is, now there is always milk for cereal in the house. It is so weird not making a million bottles a day. WEIRD. It wasnt that long ago it was like eight a day! Whew. She loves to wave bye bye and say dada. She also LOVES LOVES to dance. Give this girl a beat and she goes nuts. She is such a cool kid. She says hello with gusto and loves to bark like a dog. She is in a size three diaper and still in some 3 to 6 months clothes but mostly 6 to 9 months. She is looking especially tall to me lately. I think she has had a growth spurt! We go back at 15 months for another round of immunizations and another check. As of now she is still on Prevacid for her reflux as it is still bothersome to her. We are going to switch to Nexium in February bc our insurance stopped covering the Prevacid. I hope it works as well as the Prevacid did. With insurance her meds are 75 bucks a month so without the insurance it is upwards of 200 a month so a switch to something else is at least worth a shot! She is just cruising right along, nothing slows this sweet precocious girl down. She is getting such a little attitude. Hope everyone had a great day today. We are hunkered down in our house, just ate some Outback, and are going to ring the New Year in with our little family. Zane and Georgia may not make it until midnight....we will just have to wait and see....


The Neipling's~Chad, Stephanie and Graham said...

WOW!! What a year it's been for you guys!! Georgia is just absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! It was great running into you at the mall yesterday!
I can't believe she weighs 16lbs! That is what Graham weighs now. oh boy, I'm in trouble. I have pulled my back muscles so many times getting him around in his car seat. *sigh*
Happy New Year to you guys!