Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'll Be Home For Christmas...Well Maybe...

I think Jonathon and Zane were starting to wonder if Georgia and I were ever going to come home! After 4 different delays yesterday we finally made it at least into the state. Georgia slept the enitire flight and that was a Godsend. We got here and it was dark and freezing! The valet guy told me he had heard there were eight wrecks on 1-40 and to not drive that way tonight. Then this nice old lady in the bathroom informed me it had taken her familiy over six hours to get from Russellville to LR. I am still thinking we will be fine. Whatever. So...we hit the road. Right as Georgey and I are coming up on the interstate split Dad called. THANK YOU DAD!!! He said "You had better already be home." I told him we had just left the airport. Well, he had heard on the radio that 40 was shut down completely as of now. We detoured and went to Natalie's for the night. We luckily had enough formula to make it and diapers, etc. because we were settled down for the night. On top of all of the stress of flying with her, driving in the ice, I decided it would be fun to come down with the stomach virus about 10:00 last night. I was sick all night long. FUN TIMES So six long days laters here we are. Home at last. We are about to go and get a tubby and go to bed!
Mom-Thank you for a wonderful trip we enjoyed every second of it. We had so much while we were there!The coming home part, not so much. I really enjoyed our "annual" shopping outing. Last year I was to preggers to fly. We can't wait to see you again.
Dad-Thanks for worrying about us and checking on us. If not for you, we would have been on the interstate sleeping in the car. YIKES!
Nat-Thanks for everything. Thanks for letting us crash your house. We had lots of fun despite the circumstances.
Jonathon-I love you and missed you. Next time you have to come too. :-)