Monday, December 15, 2008


Well....we are "iced" in Atlanta. It is a sunny 61 degrees here and expected 71 tomorrow but we are here because of the icky weather there at home. G and I were scheduled to fly out at 7 pm but got on the 1 pm instead bc we were afraid of this. Needless to say that wasn't early enough! They had even cancelled the 11 am flight! Chris has us confirmed on the 2 pm tomorrow so here's hoping we get to come home. I miss my baby dog and Jonathon. Traveling with her gives me whole new appreciation for flying alone. We had gotten through security, gotten her diaper changed and had a bottle ready and waiting. Then...CANCELLED. BAH HUMBUG! I can not imagine spending the night in an airport with an infant. If I ever get stuck somewhere alone I am going to thank God that my baby is not with me. Chris had just arrived back at the house and they had to come back and get us. Bonus day with Mimi and Papi Chris on the upside :-) Georgey is snoozing and snoring in her swing in front of the fireplace. I forgot my camera at home so I haven't been able to post pics from our weekend. Oh well! Wish us luck tomorrow maneuvering this mess and wish us safe and happy traveling! XOXO