Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Home For The Holidays

Christmas would not be Christmas for me without a trip to Granny's house and Aunt Greta's and Granny's cooking. I'm sure everyone has their traditions and this is mine. Aunt Greta even had my cherry cheesecake ready and waiting. Now some may not connect cheesecake with Christmas but I certainly do. My favorite part of the holidays is getting to spend time with family and reminisce about Christmas past. Last year we had to "cancel Christmas" because pickle bottom decided to come early and on the very day we were supposed to celebrate! Luckily this year, there were no mishaps. We had so much fun spending time in Amity and it was so great getting to see everyone. I wish we were closer and all got to spend more time together. Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you all get to spend it with your famililes and those closest to your heart.