Sunday, November 30, 2008

Maybe Baby Its You

Mom brought some of my baby pictures home from Granny's house on Thanksgiving. Aunt Greta and Uncle Tony are getting ready to start remodeling so this weekend everyone gathered up the photos that were important to them and brought them home. Georgia especially liked this picture of me and I'm pretty sure she was confused about what exactly it was. I think she thought she was either looking in the mirror or it was another baby. In any case it was too sweet and it brightened my day. That picture has hung in the same spot in my gran's house for as long as I can remember. She always told me it was her favorite pic of me. I am glad G got some enjoyment out of it. I bet Granny was looking down laughing at all of us. I so wish she could have seen this sweet girl. Both of my grannies would have thought she was sugar and spice and all things nice. Oh what this girl would have been able to get away with!