Thursday, October 30, 2008

This Little Light of Mine

I love it when we get to spend lots of time together as a family! I am so looking forward to the weekend. Jonathon registered for classes yesterday and this is going to be his last go-round! He is almost there! I can not put into words how proud I am of him. He works 50 to 60 hours a week and has managed to pull off going back to school full time and being a great dad and husband. I don't think either of us ever thought we would see the light at the end of the tunnel, but oh I see it and it is shining so bright!

Sweet Child Of Mine

Georgia Grace-
Mornings with you have become my favorite time. You wake up all groggy and sleepy eyed then give me the sweetest smile. After you eat your breakfast you are always up for a little more cuddling and I love that about you. Any baby of mine better be down to cuddle! You are turning into such a little lady. Every stage thus far has been mommy's favorite and I know it just gets better and better every day. This morning it was a little chilly so mommy put your hat on while you ate. You didn't mind so much while you were eating, but then you were over that hat! You make me laugh out loud and that is the best feeling in the whole world. I love you little pickle bottom. XOXO

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Friends are born, not made."-Henry Adams

Georgia Grace had a full house last night as Chloe and Jax came over to play. They were all such busy bodies I never even got a pic of all of them together. By the time I thought about it they were all down for the count! Georgia had to show her friend Chloe her little dog you see in the picture wearing the fashionable red sweater and crazy cool hat! Jonathon got it for me a few years ago for Valentines day and it sings this song in Italian (no idea what it is) but it is hilarious. It bobs its head and moves it gondola stick around, its great. Well, Georgia was kind of scared of it at first but now she LOVES him. She will sit still for 30 minutes and watch him sing. It is so great!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Baby Its Cold Outside...

BRRRRR....It was so cold this morning. This was the only hat that we have that actually still fit from last winter, well sort of fit Georgey's head. I guess the doctor was right about her "head spurt"!!! She looked so sweet all bundled up. I went to Babies R Us after work and got her a new fabulous hat because it sounds like she is going to be needing it the rest of the week. I need a new hat too :-( and shoes, and boots, and sweaters, and pants, and jacket, and......

Sunday, October 26, 2008

To Aunt Greta's We Go

We went to Amity today to see the fam. It was a gorgeous day and for those of you not in the was the last day of muzzle loading season so it was crazy busy in the deer woods. We had lots of fun and fellowship and it was so nice just to be home. Isn't it funny how driving down a familiar road can make you feel safe. I feel safe there. I feel like I am home. Georgia loves going to down Aunt Greta's and Uncle Tony's, she loves to hang out outside down in the country. Its way more exciting than it is here. There is always so much going on and with her being a nosy nelly it is right up her alley. Brent took her for a ride on the mule and she loved that, he kept telling her that she looked like Granny Doster which of course made my day BC I secretly (well I guess not secretly anymore) think she looks like her too. Right down to her little nappy hair when it gets wet and those eyes...they are where I see her the most in Georgia. The Lord giveth and He taketh away. I hope she is very much like my grandmother because there is no one whom I admire more than her. I am thankful for this day I had to spend with my family. Uncle Tony-I certainly hope you feel better soon! Its not the same not being able to harass you and Val I hope you get a big one, sorry it wasn't today! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I did. :-)

Cheese...Magically Delicious

Cheese is one of my favorite things. It ranks right up there with the aforementioned holiday season, Jon Bon Jovi, Salsa, Oprah, Cokes from Sonic, and The Razorbacks. Turns out my offspring likes it as well. She started getting a little afternoon snack of puffs and water/juice which she adores. It is amazing to watch her actually feed herself. She ends up wearing as much as she gets in her mouth, but it is so much fun to watch. I was cooking the other day and Georgey Poo was being such a big girl in her high chair I decided to let her try a piece of grated cheese. SHE LOVED IT!!! Move over puffs...she wants none of you with cheese around!!! It is so exciting to see what she likes and doesn't. I tried to give her a real green bean last night and she freaked out and hated it. I bet she wouldn't if I got some from Cracker Barrel. YUM.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I love the holidays. Christmas is my favorite with Halloween running a close second. It kicks off the season so it has to be ranked high up on my list. Today Miss G is sporting her halloween get-up. Little Pumpkin Butt has been on the move all day today. She pulled herself up on our couch for the fist time ever!!! She can pull up on almost anything but our couch has always been just a little to high. Not anymore!!! For the moment she is sleeping soundly. Time to wake up soon and cheer on those hogs! XOXO

Friday, October 24, 2008

Don't you dare smile Georgia Grace...

Georgia Grace is cutting another tooth. It is evident in these pitiful pics that she is having none of it! She did not want her picture taken today at all. The camera that Jonathon got me for mother's day was seriously injured on the trip to Mexico. Did I mention I have been taking pics with the ghetto camera for a month now? Anywho... Mom got me a new one for my birthday (yes, it's a little early) and we were playing around with it today. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT BY THE WAY, THANKS MOM!!! I don't know why I thought that cutting teeth wouldn't be so bad. It is. I thought once the first one was done it would be a piece of cake. Who was I kidding? Myself, obviously. It is just so heart wrenching to see her hurt. It breaks my heart into a tiny pieces. I hope this one is quick and painless. Poor baby. I wouldn't smile for the dumb ole' camera either. Stupid grown-ups. Blah.

Little Helper

Georgia is becoming quite the little helper. Her teachers at school even told me this week that she helps the other little babies keep up with their stuff. Socks, pacies, etc. I hope she does not inherit my OCD (so does her daddy)! At Barrett's school they call him the Pacie Police, Georgia may have to join his ranks. Here are some pics of Miss Priss helping out her Poppy Ed. She had so much fun spending time with him, Grant, Cassie, and Nana last weekend. :-)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Sweet baby G today in her school clothes. Looking pretty in her pink. I could just eat her up!!!

Calling All Hogs

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired

I have had one ailment or another for exactly one week today. I JUST WANT TO FEEL BETTER!!! I haven't felt like cutting up with Georgey and it takes all I have just to play around with her. Poor kid. I am seriously hoping to feel better soon. I know its my dumb allergies and there isn't much I can do but I am SERIOUSLY sick and tired of being sick and tired. I want to enjoy this beautiful weather instead of crashing out the second I come home from work. WAA WAA WAA!!! Poor me. Say a prayer for my attitude and my health. :-)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Seriously Zane?

Here are Georgia and Zane doing their thing. My two sweet babies. She stares at him until he gives in and lays down and plays with her. Then she goes into fits of laughter bc he is SOOOOO funny. I finally got her to smile for me tonight. She was in a great mood until she woke up from her nap. Now she is little miss cranky pants. Little does she know its her birthday!!! Ten months today. WOW!!! Where did this time go? It snuck right by me. One is just around the corner.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My futures so bright...I gotta wear shades

So much to say. So little time. Today Georgey's obsession was my sunglasses. She is really getting her own little fashion sense. She did NOT like the crocs I put her in this evening. Little stinker...can't say that I blame her :-)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Shake Your Tail Feather

G is off to her Nana's for the night. Courtney, Nat, and I are headed to Hot Springs for Jeanette's baby shower and Jonathon is watching the Kentucky game then the Pavlik fight. Georgia has really been shaking her tail feather lately. Anytime music comes on she has to get her groove on. I love it. I'm sure her Nana will get lots of dancing out of her this evening! I couldn't resist putting her in her "tail feather" shirt yesterday. It was WAY to appropriate. Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend! I am looking so forward to catching up with my girls.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


This seems to be a running trend in our household these days. Georgia really loves me a lot lately :-) No one else will do, not even her daddy. Everyone says she will grow out of it and I am sure she will but there is nothing like a mama, of that we can all be sure. I haven't been feeling so hot the last couple of days. I have a new appreciation for having a high fever. It has been a long time since I have had one and I had forgotten how rotten it makes you feel. All I wanted at almost 29 years of age was my mama. I wanted cheese toast, tomato soup, and diet 7 up with crushed up ice. I guess we never get to old to want our parents to take care of us.